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Encinitas Environmental Education (E3) Collaborative

Growing Together

Welcome to the Encinitas Environmental Education (E3) Collaborative

(formerly the E3 Cluster)


E3 is a unique partnership of local nonprofit and public entities that, together,

serve as an economic, education, and environmental powerhouse in our region and beyond.


Over 300,000 annual visitors 

More than 25,000 members 

Over 1000 employees 

145 acres 

Serving all ages




A Noteworthy Neighborhood

The E3 Collaborative partners are located in Encinitas along Quail Gardens Drive and Saxony Road, between Leucadia and Encinitas Boulevards. By joining nonprofit and public organizations in a unique, intergenerational partnership, the Collaborative increases the visibility, reputation, and impact of each organization, providing greater opportunity for residents of Encinitas and beyond to engage in the community and enhance their quality of life. Through shared resources, cooperative programming, and mutual support, we have created an ecosystem that is greater than each of its elements alone.